Proverbs 29:25 Snare Or Safe

Trap on beach

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. Proverbs 29:25 

Being concerned what someone else is thinking or can do is a common fear that many people have. They are more worried about what someone may think, then is necessary.

When that fear is high enough, one will be trapped into doing what the other person wants. Some will make poor choices based off of their fear of someone else. The more poor choices are made, the more entangled in a web does the person get.

Living like this does not bring peace or comfort. As time goes along the snare gets tighter and tighter, destroying one’s life.

Solomon had recognized that one cannot fear man without getting trapped in a snare. Yet, he also knew that in order to be safe, all one had to do is trust in God.

People will take advantage of those who fear them. They will make the one who fears do things that is not wanted or desired. Selfishness will rise up and cause the fear to increase in another.

Ultimately destruction will come about. Those feared will keep rising up in power, seizing what they can.

Those who do not fear man, but trust in God will not be trapped in the snare. They will be kept safe. God will open their eyes to see the reality that is around them. They will be able to see the snares that have been placed in front of them and walk a different path.

God does not want His people to walk in fear, but in trust, knowing that He is in control. The path that God leads His people on is one that will build up and not destroy. It is a path that leads them towards eternal life, rather then temporary happiness and death.

There will be people in your life at times who appear to be in control. They will appear to be the one calling the shots in your life. Do not fear them. They are temporary and leading down the wrong path.

Put all of your trust in God, knowing that He is in control. The things that man can do are only temporary and can do no real harm to you.

You have a choice to make as to who you will fear and follow. Do you want a snare that is dangerous or do you want life and safety?

I pray today that you will trust in God; that God will help you to not fear any person; that God will open your eyes to the snares around you; that God will lift you out of any snares you may be in; and that God will keep you safe from any harm.

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