Proverbs 17:14 Causing A Flood

Flooding dam

Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out. Proverbs 17:14 

Being right is the goal of most people. They do not want to be wrong in what they say or do. In desiring this, many will fight for their right to be right and the other person to be wrong.

Although most people call these types of things discussions or setting someone right, it is often a quarrel. It is fighting against what someone else is saying or doing.

In most every case there is usually one who is partially right and one who is partially wrong. Neither one is perfectly right or wrong in most cases. Yet, both will fight for the way.

Solomon states that starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam. When a dam is breached, the water comes flowing out in a flood destroying everything in its path.

Quarrels often start with light talk, but quickly escalate into fights, sometimes just verbal, sometimes physical. They quarrels can last for years destroying marriages, families, friendships, businesses, and much more.

Believers are also known to start many quarrels. They will argue and fight with unbelievers for what they believe or do not believe. Not only do they quarrel with unbelievers, but will do so with other believers in the church. Quarreling over what music to worship to, how long the service should be, and much more.

Quarreling with a person does not show love, but hatred. It is selfish and demanding that self is right and the other person is wrong. It will open the floodgates of the dam and destroy everything.

Jesus never quarreled with people. He did not argue or even discuss. He made a statement and left it there, His words were just the facts and nothing more. He also loved everyone.

Opportunities to quarrel will often show up in your life. You will have a choice as to what you will do with those opportunities. As a follower of Jesus, you are to be like Him in every way. Do not quarrel. Don’t give into the selfish desires to be right every time.

Know who you are in Jesus and stand on that, but do not demand it of others. Stop the quarreling and mend the relationship before the dam breaks and destroys your life and the lives of many others. Let the argument go and love instead.

I pray today that you will know the love of God for others; that you will know who you are in Jesus; that God will give you the words to speak; that God will help you remove all selfishness;  and that God will guide you to build relationships, not destroy lives. 

12 thoughts on “Proverbs 17:14 Causing A Flood

  1. “As a follower of Jesus, you are to be like Him in every way.”
    Then why did He die if anyone can be, or, is, perfect?
    Not trying to start a quarrel, but how can anyone be flawless? It is my understanding that Jesus Christ covered that, as the Bible clearly teaches — from beginning to end — that no one but He is without sin, which translates to: far from perfect.

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    • I agree we will fail, that is where His grace comes in. However we are to strive to be like Him as much as possible, not to be saved but because we are saved. If we never grow more like Him we never change. Paul talks about becoming mature believers and chastises the church for not being mere infants. Also with God ALL things are possible. We cannot get rid of the sin in our life, but we can stop sinning if we choose to fully follow God. It is all about love and loving God and others. It is a process and most will never completely achieve it in this life, but strive for it.
      Thank you for reading and the comment.

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      • Maybe, maybe not. I believe all things are possible with God. The question is how much are we willing to die to self and live for God in His power and strength?


      • Then some would never need Jesus, if your proclamation is true.
        He was, is, and the only one whom will ever be, completely void of sin. Contrary to this fact is only the voice of pride speaking within.


      • That is not true. There is no pride in what I am saying. Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone has sinned. Once I have sinned I need His atoning sacrifice to take away the sin. Nothing I can do can remove that sin. However, once that sin is removed, there is nothing to say that I should sin again. Jesus said He has given us all His power and authority. He also crushed the power of sin in our lives. We, however, give sin the authority back in our lives. I cannot do it on my own or in my own strength, but in His power and in His righteousness. If it is not possible then what does Philippians 4:13 mean?


      • Are you asking in context of Philippians being concerned about Paul and his needs, or something else? Your question seems out of context.
        Yes, all things are possible with the Lord, but if we all fall short in our individual ways, why would we need grace? Why would we need His bloodshed? Why would Paul not have been perfectly provided for instead of just content (in ref. to the rest of Phil. 4)?


      • He crushed the power of sin in our lives as He FINISHED AND EXCUSED THE PUNISHMENT of sin in the eye of God. It all fell upon Him — our past, present and future sin. No, we shouldn’t go there n sinning, but we do! You do. I do. The pride I was speaking of is to think that one cannot and will not sin again. I suppose we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I know some of your beliefs, and I do not agree with them.

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