Proverbs 12:16 Quickly Offended

Overlook a city

Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult. Proverbs 12:16 

Getting offended is something that occurs to a lot of a people on a regular basis. Someone says or does something and someone else is offended at it. They do not like what someone else is saying or doing.

Very quickly people take offense and start fighting back. The fight back can be with words or actions. Rarely does a person take a step back and consider what was said, who said it or why it was said. They do not give the other person a chance.

Many relationships have been broken up because of one wrong word that was spoken and offense was taken.

This verse reveals that it is only fools who show annoyance immediately to an offense. The wise and prudent are quick to overlook it and move on.

While the world is known for taking offense against others, so are many in the church. Believers take offense to other believers and to those outside the church.

Those who overlook an insult are being wise. They realize immediately how little that insult really is in sight of the big picture. The insult took only a few seconds to say and is over. Eternity lasts for ever. Just life on this earth lasts a lot longer than that short insult.

Taking offense to an insult is something  that often lasts for years. It wastes time and energy being angry about it or retaliating against it.

Jesus said that the believer is to turn the other cheek when someone strikes. Insults are a verbal strike against someone, so the believer must turn the other cheek. It does no good to take offense to it and fight back. It breaks down the chance to be a witness of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

There will be a time when someone will offend you, if it has not already occurred. Before you get offended, take a step back and see what Jesus has done for you. You had offended God when you sinned against Him, yet, He still loved you and made a way for you.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and eternity. The small thing of that offense will become even smaller. It has no real meaning in light of eternity.

Do not allow yourself to be offended, but instead love and pray for those who offend and are enemies.

I pray today that you will know the love of God for you and for others; that you will know God’s mercy upon all people; that your eyes will be focused upon God and eternity; and that God will give you His peace when someone offends you. 

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