Psalm 82:2 The Wrong Support

Rose flower

“How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? Psalm 82:2 

All around the world are various groups who have their agendas to change laws of a nation. They want to get support for their group in ways that has never been done or allowed before.

While there are many that are fighting for good things to occur, there are also many who are fighting for things that go against God. They want support for sin.

Nations and groups often support these groups who are promoting sin and demanding that they be defended. In America there are some who have been shown great partiality to the point that anyone who opposes in any way is considered as one who hates.

Asaph is coming against the leaders and people of Israel. They had been defending the unjust and giving partiality to the wicked, those who do not follow or believe in God. He questions them as to how long they will continue to do these actions.

Many in the church have begun to act as the Israelites had been acting. They are supporting and defending the unjust and wicked. Multiple churches have begun to say that one can live in purposeful sin and still be a believer. Sometimes this is done because the sinful person is donating a large sum of money to the church.

Giving preferential treatment is wrong and giving it to a wicked person is even worse. One who does it is supporting a fight against God and His ways of living.

Every believer needs to stand strong and true to God and His word. They need to support those who stand for God, rather than those who stand for wickedness.

God defends the weak and upright, not those who are powerful and wicked. Believers must follow God’s ways.

You will have times where you will be around someone who is living in a purposeful sinful lifestyle. Or it may be around a person who treats others with injustice.

You have a choice in what you do with that person. You can join him and support the sin and wickedness, or you can point him to God and His ways of living.

Work in your own life to defend the weak and upright. Then make sure that you are supporting those who do the same.

Everything that you say and do must be about what God wants said and done. Supporting or doing anything less than this is going against God. Who are you for?

I pray today that you will God’s love for all people; that you will live by God’s standards; that you will support those who live by God’s standards; and that you will turn from and discourage all sin and sinful lifestyles that God hates. 

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