Psalm 26:2 Request For A Test

Being tested

Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; Psalm 26:2 

Going through a test is something that most people do not look forward to. Usually people want to avoid a test, but take them only when they are required to do so.

The reason most people do not like being tested is that they are worried that they are not ready for the test. Often they have not really studied the material, or they have but don’t feel they remember enough of the material to pass the test correctly. This becomes even more so, when a person has a history of not doing very well on tests, having failed or barely passed most tests in the past.

Despite what people like, tests are something that are required in life. There are many areas people need to be tested in on a regular basis.

David prays to God and asks Him to test him. He wants to be tried and his heart and mind examined.

Unlike most tests made by man, God’s test is always a perfect one and can fully see into the heart and mind of a person. This is not a written, multiple choice exam that a person can get ‘lucky’ at guessing and pass. This is a test that checks the reality in a person.

While a person may be talking about loving and serving God on the outside, in his heart and mind he can be thinking evil thoughts. He can hate a person on the inside while talking about loving his neighbor. With God’s test, this can be revealed.

Every believer should be asking for a test from God to find out what he is really like, to find out if there is any sin in his life that has not been dealt with. It also allows God to reveal any impure motives or thoughts in a person.

God does not give the test to destroy you or condemn you, but to build you up. He wants to see you succeed in your walk with Him. When His test reveals something wrong in your life, He will be there to guide you in how to change and become more like Jesus.

Take time to ask God to test you today. Let Him reveal to you where you need to grow and change and where you have already grown and changed. Then allow God to change you from the inside out.

I pray today that you will hear God speaking to you; that you will allow God to test you; that you will allow God to change your heart as needed; and that God will see a heart that follows after Him. 

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