Psalm 16:5 Being Secure

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Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure. Psalm 16:5 

Sitting around a dinner table with a large family has everyone wanting to get their portion of food. Each one wants to make sure that he gets enough food for the meal and no one else takes his piece of the meat or pie.

People act the same way in other areas of life. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. No one wants to be left out or cheated on their portion. In the workplace people fight for positions and pay raises. They strive to have the best retirement possible. They want to feel secure, that their future is well taken care of.

Yet, all of these things can fail. Each one is just temporary.

David said that God, alone, was his portion. It was God, alone who made him feel secure.

Every believer has God as his portion in this life and for all eternity. However, many believers want more than God. They seek and fight for wealth and security in this life on earth. They often focus on getting more things and bigger bank accounts. They want the job position that provides abundantly for them.

In doing all of this, they are putting God on the side and not trusting Him for everything. They are not allowing God to be their portion and keep them secure.

God is the provider of everything, including the air a person breathes. If God is willing to provide the air one needs, will He not provide everything else a person needs?

Along with physical things, many believers believe in Jesus, but also in doing works. They do things to earn their salvation. Salvation is not earned, it is a gift. It was provided for by Jesus. Works are what a person does out of love for what God has given already, not the provision.

Take a look at your own life and see what you depend upon. Are you, like the world, depending upon the temporary things of this world or what you can provide? Or are you depending upon God for everything?

God will make your life and salvation secure, if you will trust Him. Your life can be so secure that you will have nothing to fear. No harm or trial can come your way and destroy you, because God is your portion. You don’t need anything else in this life, but God. All the rest is bonus.

I pray today that you will know God is your portion in this life; that you will trust God for all of your needs; that you will not seek anything but God to make you secure; and that you will know how secure you are in God. 

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