Joshua 23:8 Hold On Tight

Holding a rope

But you are to hold fast to the LORD your God, as you have until now. Joshua 23:8 

Holding on fast to something is to hold very tightly. The person who is holding something fast does not want to lose what he is holding onto.

Most people hold tightly something or many things. There are people who will never throw things away. They hold things tightly,  because someday they may need that item again. Others will hold tightly to their money, because they need to accumulate more and more to be wealthy. Parents are known to hold onto their children tightly. They do not want to let the child leave to go to school or to grow up and move away.

Some things are good to hold on to tightly, while most things do not need to be held onto so tightly. Money, people, and things come and go all the time. Every one of the things people usually hold on to is temporary, they will not last forever.

One thing that people need to hold onto tightly is God. He is eternal and is the best for everyone. As Joshua was preparing for the end of his life, he told the Israelites to hold fast onto God.

Holding fast to God is to keep oneself close to God. They are to follow God’s commands as much as possible. They are to talk with and listen to God on a continual basis. One is to not allow things to get in the way of hearing and seeing God.

This holding on to God is like a person who is holding a rope that is saving his life from dropping into a deep canyon. If he lets go, he will fall to his death.

If one lets go of God, he will fall to his death in the same way. Jesus provides eternal salvation to the one who believes in Him and does not let go.

As you go through your days, you must examine what you are holding on to. What is precious to you and worth holding?

Your number one focus and treasure should be Jesus. Do not allow yourself to get distracted with holding on to something that does not have eternal value. Nothing is better than your salvation.

Do not let go of Jesus, but keep yourself close to Him. Keep listening and watching Him to know how to make it through this life. Hold on tight to God.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will listen to God daily; that you will talk to God daily; that you will keep yourself close to God; and that you will not let go of God for the things of this world. 


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