Joshua 22:34 Show That God IS Your God

Monument Valley

And the Reubenites and the Gadites gave the altar this name: A Witness Between Us–that the LORD is God. Joshua 22:34 

All over the world there are monuments erected to remind people of something. Often it is to remember a person who has died. They often want to remember the good things that the person had done.

Other monuments are made to remember some event that had occurred. Some of those events were good events, while others are not good memories, but do not want to be forgotten.

With the passing of time, it is easy to forget about a person or an event. It is even very common that people try to change what had actually occurred in the past.

When the tribes of Israel had crossed the Jordan River to take the land of Canaan, half of the tribes of Reuben and Gad wanted to stay on the other side of the Jordan. Moses had allowed this to happen. Once all the tribes were settled, those half tribes went back across the Jordan and began to live there.

They decided to build an altar as a witness that they still believed that the LORD is God, so that no one could say they were not a part of Israel.

This altar was a monument to let the world know who they really were. In the future, there would be no mistake that they were a part of Israel.

Although building physical monuments as a believer is no longer common, believers do need to have something in their lives that sets them apart. Something that shows others that Jesus is God.

Every believer is to live their lives separate from this world. Their love is their largest witness that Jesus is their God. That love is a love that loves friends, family and enemies, regardless of how the person acts. It is the altar that shows Jesus is God.

When people take a look at your life, how do they know that Jesus is your God? How can they tell that you are saved?

The best way for people to tell is by your words and actions. Do you tell people about Jesus? How do you treat others, with love or hate?

Take a moment today to examine your life and see if you are a monument in this world to let people know of Jesus. Allow there to be a witness today.

I pray today that Jesus will be your Savior and God; that you will live your life as Jesus lived His; that your life will be a witness of God; and that the world will know you follow Jesus. 


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