Numbers 30:2 Keep Your Promise

Pinky promise

When a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said. Numbers 30:2

Promises or vows are something that people do on a regular basis. Some are physically written promises or agreements, while many are just verbal promises. Some are very specific promises, while others are just general promises.

The person making the promise is agreeing to do something to or for someone else. There are many promises made, that do not have any direct consequences for not following through on the agreement. The written promises, or contracts, usually have some type of consequence for not doing what was promised.

It is very common for people to break their promise on regular basis. Many break even the written promises with no thought to the consequences. It is often said that the person made a mistake in making the promise at the time and should be let off of any consequences.

Along with promises made to people, many will make a quick promise to God, with no real thought. A promise to do something for God, if God quickly does something for them. God will hold the person responsible for every promise made.

God had told the Israelites that anyone who makes  promise, oath, or vow, must not break his word. God had set consequences for breaking the promise.

The believer should be known by his word as truthful and faithful. God never breaks His word. Every promise God has made has been or will be fulfilled, regardless of any outcomes of that promise.

Sometimes rash promises will cost a person a lot to fulfill, but it does not change the obligation to fulfill the promise. No one should be able to say that the believer breaks his promise.

Before you should obligate yourself by a promise, you should make sure you can fulfill the promise, whether to God or to others. Do not make a rash promise in the heat of the moment, that you cannot keep. There will be consequences.

The world should know what when you promise something, you will be good on your word. Be faithful as God is faithful to you and do whatever it is that you have promised, whether by written contract or by verbal promise.

How faithful is your word to others?

I pray today that you will know the promises God has given and fulfilled in your life; that God will guide you in what you promise to others; that your faithfulness will be seen by all; and that no one can accuse you of breaking your word. 


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