Exodus 12:40-41 God Will Fulfill His Promise


Now the length of time the Israelite people lived in Egypt was 430 years. At the end of the 430 years, to the very day, all of the LORD’s divisions left Egypt. Exodus 12:40-41

People hear other people make promises all of the time. With some people, others will ignore the promise, because they know that most of the time that promise will never be fulfilled. It can be expected that the person will forget the promise. With other people it can be expected that he will fulfill that promise.

The waiting for the promise to be fulfilled is usually the hard part. This can be especially true when there is no time line given. As time goes on, one begins to wonder if the promise will ever be fulfilled. At other times people will forget all about the promise, if too much times has passed before it being fulfilled.

The Israelites may have felt this way. Prior to their going to Egypt God had stated that they would go to Egypt for 400 years, then He would bring them out and give them their own land.

After a time of living in favor in Egypt, they were placed into slavery. As it went along, they cried out to God for relief. At the right time, God sent Moses to bring the people out of Egypt. Although it was a challenge and would take some time, God fulfilled His promise. Just past the 400 year mark, at 430 years, to the day, God had Moses lead the people out of Egypt. As they left, they were, again, given the favor of the Egyptians.

Over time, God has made many promises to people, some specific to a person, others general to everyone. There are many of those promises that have been fulfilled, while there are others yet to be fulfilled.

You may know of some of these promises and God may have even given you a specific promise to you. You may be waiting for that promise to be fulfilled. If you have not been waiting for over 430 years for that promise to be fulfilled, you need to keep waiting and expecting God to fulfill His promise.

God is faithful and will keep every promise He has made. He always fulfills His promises at the right time, on time, every time.

When God fulfills His promise you will have His favor upon you. Keep waiting on God and trust Him.

I pray today that you will know the promises God has made for you; that you will know the promises God has already fulfilled; that you will trust God will fulfill His promises; and that God will give you strength as you wait for His promises to be fulfilled.

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