Galatians 3:22 Being Locked Up


Prison cell

But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe. Galatians 3:22

Being locked up means that a person’s rights are taken away. He is no longer free and has no real life. He is bound up inside of a prison cell, with no where to go or the freedom to go anywhere else.

Very few people liked to be bound up in a prison. The majority of people try to live a life that will keep them out of a prison, yet, most are still locked up in a prison. This prison is not one of bars and four walls, but is a spiritual prison.

The world lives in sin and chooses to continue to live in sin. This causes most people to live in the prison of sin, they are bound up in sin and cannot leave it.

Although many in church claim to be freed from the prison of sin, there are still many who are not really freed from that prison. When God gave the Law, it put everyone into a prison of sin. Unless a person was perfect and never broke a single law, he was bound up in prison, waiting for death.

There are many who are in the church who still strive to live by the Law for their salvation. They feel that they must do certain things in order to get God’s approval and salvation. In this way they are still locked up in the prison of the Law and sin.

Believers in Jesus must release the hold the law has on them and believe in Jesus alone for their salvation. It is only by faith in what Jesus did that a person may be saved from his sins.

Jesus came to set you free and give you life, not to keep you locked up under the Law. Live by the Law because you want too, not because you have to live that way. Do it out of love for God and others, not out of duty. This allows you to live by faith in Jesus.

Allow God to break down the chains of sin and the Law that has kept you bound up for years. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by sin anymore.

Trust the promise God has given you in Jesus.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus offers you; that you will not be bound up by the Law; that you will know the grace God has given you; and that you will live by faith in Jesus.


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