Acts 6:10 Speak With God’s Wisdom

God's Wisdom.jpg

But they could not stand up against the wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke. Acts 6:10

Stephen had been going around speaking the gospel message. The leaders of the city were upset, because his speaking was changing the people and their ways of living. They had set up false witnesses to be able to accuse Stephen and get him removed. As much as they tried to argue with Stephen on what he said, they could not stand up against him. Stephen was speaking with a wisdom that came from God.

Everywhere a person goes, there are people who like to argue about something. People do not agree on everything. Two people can watch the same football game and argue about the way a play was made. People argue about how a politician should make decisions and rule his section of the government. People argue about which movie is the best and which movie is the worst.

The arguments that most people use are of not great value. Often the arguments are not presented in full logic of understanding. They are made in the heat of the moment and not with true wisdom.

People will not only argue about all the things above, they will also argue about getting into heaven, Jesus, salvation, and how to live for God. Everyone seems to have a different point of view.

One way to drive a point home correctly, is in using the wisdom of God. Being filled with God’s Spirit and being led by His Holy Spirit will allow a believer to speak with a solid base. There will be no weak statements or loopholes in the statements. God’s wisdom is way above the best wisdom of man. When a person uses His wisdom, the world cannot argue.

As a believer in Jesus, you need to be using God’s wisdom when speaking to people about Jesus or speaking to people about living for God. Do not use vain and empty words and arguments. Know when to keep quiet and when to speak.

God can and will give you the words to speak, if you allow Him to have control of your life. As you do this, the world will not be able to stand up to you. They may holler and scream, but in the end they will lose the battle.

Who’s wisdom are you using to speak? Your own or God’s?

I pray today that you will be filled with God’s Spirit; that you will speak with God’s wisdom; that you will speak the words of God; and that you will be a witness of Jesus to this world.

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