John 1:7 Testify About The Light


He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. John 1:7

The book of John opens talking about John the Baptist being a witness of Jesus. He came into the world with the express purpose to be a witness as to who Jesus is. The purpose of being that witness was so that everyone might believe and be saved from their sins.

When people are lying on their deathbed in a hospital room, many times people around them will tell them to go towards the light. Even though many people in the world do not directly follow God or believe in God, they realize that at deathbed people should be going towards the light.

Every person on this earth has been given some knowledge of God. He can be seen in the miracles of creation itself. He is the light of the world and is what gives life to this world and all who are in it.

Scientists will state that in order for life to exist there must be light. Jesus is the light of this world. He is the one who created everything and gives life to everyone.

Since people are always willing to talk about light and going to the light at deathbed, every believer must be willing to talk about the light. Every believer is in this world for the same purpose as John was. They are to be witnesses of who the Light is, who Jesus.

Later Jesus calls all believers the light of the world. As He left this world, He commissioned every believer to be His witness throughout this earth.

You have the same job to do as John did–to tell others about Jesus. Let people know what He has done for them. Let people know how they have fallen away from God and need His grace, mercy and forgiveness. In the process of gaining those three things, people will also receive eternal life.

As you step out of your house into this world today, who can you tell about the light that has come to save them?

How important is it to you that you tell others about Jesus?

That was the focus of John and Jesus, is it your focus?

Today be a witness of Jesus to this world. Share the light that you have with the rest of this dark, fallen world.

I pray today that Jesus will be the light of your life; that you will be a witness of Jesus; that others will come to Jesus because of your being His witness; and that God will use you in mighty ways to reach this fallen world. 


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