Luke 24:8 Remembering His Words


Then they remembered his words. Luke 24:8

On the first day of the week after Jesus had died and was buried some women went to His tomb to honor Him. When they got there they saw that the tomb was empty. Two men, who were angels, suddenly appeared to them and asked them why they were looking for Him and if they remembered His words. They reminded the women that Jesus had told them He would rise from the dead. At that point they remembered His words.

When tragedy occurs in a person’s life, there are a lot of things that go through his mind. Questions are asked wondered why it happened or what could have been done to prevent what happened. The more sudden the event, the more shock and questions are being asked.

This can even occur when the tragedy is expected, such as in the death of a loved one who died of cancer.

The shock of what happens can also occur when it is something very good. Remembering what was said does not always happen. People are quick to forget what is said about something unbelievable. It was unbelievable that Jesus would raise from the dead, yet it did happen.

Once the women started to remember the words of Jesus, they were able to believe that He did raise from the dead. They were then comforted, even though they still did not fully understand the how.

Even though it is two thousand years later, the words of Jesus still remain in effect. Jesus had promised many different things. Believers need to be willing to look at the Scriptures and see what Jesus promised. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will remain the same for tomorrow.

If Jesus promised He would raise from the dead and He did, He will also fulfill all the rest of His promises.

As a believer, you need to study the Bible and know the promises God had made. Apply them to your life. Know that God will fulfill every one of them.

As you study the Bible, remember what God had said to you. Do not forget those words and get discouraged, but have hope and trust in His Words.

Memorize verses to apply them to your life and remember them when times get tough. Without memory, you will be left lost and hopeless. Remember His Words.

I pray today that you will know the words and promises of God; that you will remember all that God has said to you; that you will not fear when trouble occurs because you remember His words; and that God will help you hide His word in your heart.


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