Luke 21:19 Stand Firm And Win

Standing Firm.jpg

Stand firm, and you will win life. Luke 21:19

Jesus started talking about how times will get more rough for believers. He pointed out that people will take believers to trial and try to harm them. Believers would be severely persecuted for believing in God and following Jesus. In the process, believers are not to worry about what to say or do, but to trust God. Jesus tells them to stand firm in order to win life in the end.

A lot of believers read this passage and only think of the end times and severe persecution. They do not look at things that are occurring today.

Some will say that if they are under threat of life they will stand strong and true to God. When they are threatened to be killed unless they deny God, they will not cave in under the pressure to deny God. While they think this may happen, many are caving in under a much lighter pressure to deny God already, without the threat of life.

Every day people are tempted to sin against God. Each time a person sins against God, he is denying God and His power. There is no temptation that is unique to any one person. When temptation comes, God is also there making a way to get away from that temptation.

God wants every believer to stand firm in his choice to follow Jesus and to trust Him.

This means that the believer does not waiver under the pressures to sin and deny Christ.

Many times every day, you will be presented with choices to be made. You have to make a choice if you will follow Jesus or deny Him. The level of pressure to deny Christ will be different for each person and in each case, but the pressure will be there to sit down and deny Him, to cave in under the pressure.

As the pressure and temptation to sin rises, you must turn to God for His strength and guidance. Start worshipping God and get away from that temptation. Allow God’s Spirit to help you stand strong and true for Jesus.

Each time you stand true for God, you will be strengthened for the next battle. You will also be a true witness for Jesus in this world, strengthening other believers and showing the world what following Jesus really means.

Will you stand strong today?

I pray today that you will know your belief in Jesus; that you will follow Jesus with all of your life; that God will strengthen you to turn from all sin; and that you will stand strong and true for Jesus. 


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