Luke 16:10 Trustworthy In Little Things


“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10

Jesus gave a parable about a shrewd manager who was dishonest. After his boss found out he was fired. Jesus finished the parable with saying that if a person is not trustworthy with little, he cannot be trusted with a lot.

The majority of people will say that they are honest and trustworthy….most of the time, to all of the time. The same people will also say that they never steal or rarely to never tell a lie. They will also expect everyone else to be honest and trustworthy with them at all times.

When examined closely, there are few people who are always trustworthy in every thing. Often little things are overlooked. They are seen as problems that are so common or little, that no one thinks of them being wrong. How many people take a pen from the workplace home with them? How many people go down the road several miles above the speed limit on purpose? How many do not report some money on their income taxes? How many do not give at least the 10% for tithe?

People hold onto or take things that are not theirs to take and have. They take them without permission. Things like the pen are of so little value, that even bosses do not think anything about it. Yet, whoever is not trustworthy in the little things (pens) cannot be trusted with great things.

God wants to give His people great things, but before He can do it, a person must be trustworthy with the little things. Every believer is to live his live above reproach. No one should be able to accuse the believer of anything wrong, no matter how big or little.

You may be a person who does not take physical things from a person, but do you steal time? Or service?

Strive to handle everything in your life as though it were God’s or that God is watching you. Handle those things in a trustworthy manner, so that God can trust you with greater things.

The little steps of being trustworthy in a little thing, can lead to giant leaps later with the greater things.

Are you being trustworthy in everything?

Or are you being dishonest in little things?

I pray today that God will give you the strength and wisdom to be trustworthy in little things; that God will guide you in making the right choices; that you will be known to be fully honest; and that God will be able to give you greater things.

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