Luke 6:40 Who Are You Like?


The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. Luke 6:40

Jesus was teaching a large crowd of people many different things. One of the parables He taught was about the blind leading the blind. People have to be led by someone who can see, which does not allow the student to be above the teacher. The student is to be like the teacher.

No matter who a person is, he is being led by someone else to some degree or more. Every person is trained or led by someone to become who he is.

While in the home, people are taught by parents, teachers and others that they are around. In the workplace, every person is taught by another worker or boss, or someone in a higher position. Even the top boss is being led by someone else to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

Many people go to college and universities to learn how to do something. They have a variety of professors teaching them what to do. People can even learn from neighbors or the internet. The learning process does not end when a person graduates high school. Life keeps teaching all the time.

The teachers that a person learns from is who that person becomes like. They mirror what the teacher taught, whether the teaching is right or wrong.

Some people, however, like to jump ahead of the teacher or be above the teacher. They feel as though they know more than the teacher. This is where they are blind. They are being taught by the devil.

Every believer has a teacher, Jesus. Jesus is the perfect teacher, who never makes a mistake and always teachers perfectly.

You, as a believer, are the student. You have to be taught how to live your life for God.

Do not be like many people and think that you know more than Jesus. Do not put yourself above your teacher.

Discipline yourself and allow yourself to become more like Jesus everyday. He knows how to train you to be the perfect person for God.

You will not be made completely perfect in this world, but you will be able to become more like Him everyday until you step into heaven and are made perfect in completion.

Who are you like today–the devil, or Jesus?

I pray today that you will allow Jesus to be your teacher; that you will learn from Jesus; that you will become more like Jesus; and that you will be a great student of God’s. 


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