Why Italians Are Good At Unitasking

Here is a great article about slowing down and really living life and enjoying it. It spoke a lot to me, and believe it will for you also. It is by Sheila, a missionary to Italy and great blog writer. Please check out her blog posts.

When we first arrived here in Italy, way back in 1989, we were staying with friends. Their yard was messy, the house not in the greatest of repair. But every afternoon they sat with us, savoring their espresso and visiting — for hours at a time.
A fellow American noticed us looking about. “It’s the Italian way,” he informed us. “Drink coffee (or wine) while the house falls down around your ears.” And back then, fresh from fast-paced America, I thought, “How awful!”
But I’ve learned a bit since then. And I would say that the Italians had really learned the art of living.

Finish reading the article at:

Why Italians Are Great At Unitasking


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