They Did WHAT?!!

Here is some great insight on who the church is and what the church should be like.

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I have a good many friends whom I love and respect -and in several areas DEEPLY disagree with across spiritual, political and other dimensions. I say this because I wish for us to consider core implications of what early Christians did in the face of sometimes life-threatening or massively divisive attitudes about how to “be” a true lover of God and people.

Have any of us been hurt by others? Welcome to real life in the real world and indeed, sometimes authentic (yes!) marriage, family, social club, church, choir, indy band, sports team or motorcycle club…

So this is my response to several issues that I am convinced are core to loving our God and our neighbor as Jesus commanded. It’s about maturity, balance and indeed correction for a number of my longtime as well as newer friends who are FULLY CONVINCED they are on solid ground. In my view…

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