2 Chronicles 23:7 Guarding The Throne Of Your Heart

“The Levites are to station themselves around the king, each with weapon in hand. Anyone who enters the temple is to be put to death. Stay close to the king wherever he goes.” 2 Chronicles 23:7

Jehoiada, the priest, had claimed that Joash would be the next king. He had all the Levites gather around and surround the temple to protect Joash. They were not to allow anyone in the temple as he was anointing Joash as the new king. They were ordered to stay close to the new king at all times to protect him.

Although, most people will state that they are not under the control of a king, everyone has allowed themselves to be under the control of a king or a ruler. The difference is who is ruling their life.

The world lives under the rule of Satan. He is the one who is allowed to be on the throne of their hearts, guiding their every action. People will allow the ways of Satan to rule how they live their lives and think that it is only themselves ruling themselves.

Believers are those who have turned away from the rule of Satan to allow God to rule in their hearts and lives. They have placed Jesus on the throne of their heart at the center of their lives.

As a believer, you must protect who gets into the throne room of your heart and life. You must put up guards to keep the enemy out at all costs. The enemy is not people, but the ways and beliefs of this world.

The world does not want Jesus to be on the throne of your life. They do not want you to be controlled by God. God goes against everything that the world stands for .

There have been believers who have allowed the enemy to get into their hearts and control them. Sin has been allowed to sit on the throne of their lives.

Set up guards around your life, to keep yourself from falling into temptation and sin. Keep Jesus on the throne of your life at all times. Put to death the temptations and sin that creeps up in your life. Jesus will guide and protect you as you allow Him to be your king.

I pray today that Jesus will be on the throne of your heart; that you will not allow the world into your heart; that you will stay close to Jesus at all times; and that you will allow Jesus to rule your life.


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