Labor Day

Labor Day is a day that the United States has set aside to honor those who work. It was made a national holiday in 1894 and has been celebrated ever since.

Nearly all government jobs, schools, banks, and many other businesses allow their workers a day off on Labor Day to honor their hard work. The thought is that without most people working hard all year long, the economy would not be successful and things would not progress forward.

Without the farmer working his land, there would be no food available. Without the construction worker building, there would be no new buildings. Without the assembly line worker, there would be very few to no products. Without the seamstress, there would be no clothing. Without the teacher, there would be no learning. And the list goes on.

Work is often seen as a necessary evil to many people. They get up each day dreading having to go to work the next day. People go to work, watching the clock all day for the moment they can clock out and go home. The go to work each day seeking to clock out for their weekend off. Or waiting until they can take their next vacation.

In the beginning of time, God was working at building this world. When He made Adam, He told Adam to work the ground and tend to the garden. Right from the beginning of time, man was made to work.

Although God did rest on the seventh day, He continues to work until this day. There is work to still be done. He still maintains this world and meets the needs of every person on this earth.

Jesus had said that there are few workers to go out into this world and bring in the needed harvest (Luke 10:2). This work is the evangelization of this world. It is bringing the good news to the world that God loves the people and wants to save everyone. There is a work still to be done in this world.

There are people in this world that cannot get a job to earn the needed money for food, clothing or housing. They would love to have a job. If you have a job, count it a blessing and a privilege.

No matter what your job is, your ultimate job is the one for God, to be His witness in this world. This can be done first by being a good hard worker for your boss. You must do the work required with the best of your abilities. You then must be willing to talk to others about Jesus.

If you are a parent, you must demonstrate being a good worker in this world, both for your earthly boss, and for God. Whatever you do, you are to do it as though you were doing it for God (Colossians 3:23). Your children are watching and learning from you. They see how you work and they hear how you feel about having to work.

Are you grumbling and complaining about having to go to work? Then your children will grumble and complain more about having to do chores or work.

Do you refuse to work and just play games or watch football all the time? Then your children will do the same, thinking it is acceptable.

Set the example for your children, so that they will grow up being a great worker for God. They can work for God, whether in a non-church related job, or in the church. But they will only do that if they have been shown how to do that.

Solomon said that if you just sit back and relax poverty will come on you very quickly (Proverbs 24:33). Find your rest on your Sabbath day. Find your rest in God.

How do you view work?

Do you see it as privilege to be working for God?

Or do you see it as a necessary evil?

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