Titus 2:6 Self-Control

“Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled.” Titus 2:6

Paul is giving Titus some instructions in leading the church. He had just told him how to instruct the older men and women. One of the things that was the same for both was that they be self-controlled. Now he is talking about teaching the younger men and they also need to be taught self-control.

Self-control is what a person has to control what he does or does not do. A person takes responsibility for his/her actions.

In sports every player practices and trains to have self-control. He needs to know how to move, when to move, and what to do in all kinds of situations. The best players know these moves so well that they almost seem like instinct or that he was born with them. No one is born with these abilities, but must learn them.

As a believer you must also have self-control, regardless of your age, gender, or nationality.

Someone may ask why a believer must have self-control, since God is supposed to be the one in control. Yes, God is in control of your life, but only if you let Him be in control. It is your self that allows God to be in control.

You have the choice of obeying God or not obeying Him. You have the choice to do a sin or not to do a sin. God will never force you to do one or the other. His desire is that you do not sin and that you do obey Him, but because you want to, not because you have too.

What do you say or do when things don’t go your way?

What do you say or do when someone hurts you?

What do you say or do when you are alone?

These are areas where you need self-control. Choose your actions and words according to the desires of God. Do not let the world choose them for you. Do not follow the ways of this world.

Be self-controlled in everything you say and do so that you will bring glory to God.

I pray today that you will allow God to guide you in everything you say and do; that you will choose to obey God;  that you will control all that you say and do for God’s glory; and that Jesus will be honored in your actions and words.


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