A Dwelling Place For God

Title: A Dwelling Place For God
Author: Ruth Specter Lascelle
Publisher: Rock of Israel
Date: 1973
Pages: 270

This book is an excellent book to read, but is not a novel in any way. It is an extremely detailed look at the tabernacle in the Old Testament in view of the New Testament. The author looks at the Exodus 25-28 and chapter 30, verse by verse in the description of the tabernacle.

If you are anything like me, you have probably read it mindlessly. You may wonder why all the details of how the items of the tabernacle were made. The details of exact sizes, shapes, materials, and placement.

One of the things that the Bible uses is types between the Old and New Testaments. These are things that are symbols of something different or to come. Jonah in the whale was a type of the death that Jesus would later do, three days. Oil is often directly seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit being poured onto a person.

When Adam and Eve had sinned in the Garden of Eden, God had set in motion a plan to bring about salvation of every person. This was planned before the creation of the world. Looking at the design of the tabernacle, one can see that God was looking forward to this plan and continuing it.

Some of the thoughts in this book were the gold overlay of everything is that God is over everything and the author of salvation. The crown around the ark of the covenant is a sign of the kingship of Jesus. The layout of the tabernacle was in the form of a cross. These are some of the simple things laid out in the book. It is much more detailed than can be put in this review of it.

At the end of each section there is a series of questions given to see if you remember or understand what was taught in that section. I believe it may have been used as a Bible college textbook at one time, though I cannot confirm it.

Although it may not be one hundred percent correct in everything (I do not know for fact on this), it is very good in most of it. It will give you a new appreciation of God’s Word and in a section of the Bible that most people overlook or skim quickly through. It shows how thoughtful God was and how everything has a purpose based in eternity. There is so much information in this book that you will not remember everything stated in it, but you will remember and learn a lot. I highly recommend every believer to read this at least once to be able to study God’s Word in a new way.


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