John 15:16 Chosen For A Purpose

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“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” John 15:16

Jesus had been talking to the disciples about His being the vine and they were the branches. Now He tells them that He was the one who chose them, not they choosing Him. And that the purpose of His choosing them was so they could go out and bear fruit.

People like to be chosen. They want to know that they are important and are needed. Little children love to be chosen when they are playing a game that is made up of teams. Many times some children are left on the side or chosen last.

No one likes to be left on the side bench, or be chosen last. It makes a person feel as though they are not really wanted. It makes them feel as they though they have no value or purpose.

Many people who are chosen, however, do not realize that they were chosen for a purpose. There are a lot of believers who feel as though they are chosen just to escape death and hell. God has a bigger purpose than just saving the individual. It is not just about one person, but about the kingdom of God.

Every believer has been chosen by Jesus to carry on His work in this world. They are to bear fruit that will last all eternity. The only fruit that will last for all eternity is the salvation of the souls of people. Jesus came to save every person. The believers work is to keep that going until every person is saved.

If you are a believer in Jesus, it is not just to save you and make life better for you. There is a bigger purpose than that. Salvation is just a small piece of the puzzle.

God wants you to go out and testify to others about Jesus. He wants you to plant more seeds of the gospel into the lives of others. Planting those seeds will bring about much more fruit. When that fruit is harvested, God’s kingdom will grow much larger.

You have a purpose and meaning in this life. It is to be a witness of Jesus. Stop searching for purpose and start producing fruit for God.

I pray today that you will know God’s purpose for your life; that you will be a witness to others of who Jesus is; and that your life will bear eternal fruit for God.

John 15:2 How To Bear Fruit

Pruning A Tree

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:2

Jesus begins to talk to the disciples about how He is the true vine and His Father is the gardener. God goes through the vine and removes any branches that do not bear fruit, and then prunes the rest to bear even more fruit.

Good gardeners do more than just plant fruit trees and harvest the fruit. If he does only those things, the level of fruit harvested will not be very much. As the plant grows, he will take notice of any branches that are not producing any fruit. Those branches will be cut off, since it is pulling away nutrients from the rest of the plant and yet is not producing anything.

The other branches that are producing will be carefully pruned back to produce even more fruit. Some good branches will be cut off, in order to keep them from getting to heavy and breaking and to allow for larger better branches to keep growing.

Jesus said that because He is the vine and all believers are the branches, there is a process of pruning that is going on. If a believer is not producing any fruit for the kingdom of God, God will remove him. If a believer is producing good fruit, then God will prune him in order to get more fruit.

The process of pruning is when God is removing sinful habits from the person’s life. It can also be changing the person’s heart to love better, forgive more, and be more merciful. Every believer needs to be pruned in order to be the best that he can be. Just like a fruit tree needs to be pruned.

While this sounds good, the process can be painful. It is not always easy to give up habits or to forgive and be merciful. Yet, when a believer learns these things, he can be a better witness and build God’s kingdom even more than ever before.

During times that are hard for you, you must see that as a time when God may be doing a pruning job on you. He is trying to build you up to be an even greater witness than before.

Allow God to take time to prune you. Be the best producer for God.

I pray today that you will allow God to prune you; that you will grow in Christ Jesus to be a great witness; and that your life will produce fruit for the kingdom of God.

John 14:23 Proof Of Love


Jesus replied, “Anyone wo loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.” John 14:23

As Jesus was getting ready to be betrayed and crucified, He told the disciples that He would be leaving soon. He tells them several times to obey His teachings. Now He says that whoever loves Him will obey Him.

People all over the world follow a lot of different people. Some will follow a sports team, others a singer or actor. Still others will follow some business person or politician. The list of what they will follow is endless.

One thing that is common with all of these people they follow is that they love the person or group they are following. They want to know all they can about that person.

Along with many people following a lot of other people, there are many who claim to follow and love Jesus.

However, Jesus takes the idea of loving Him and following Him a step further. Whoever claims to love Him must obey His teachings. Jesus did not come to just entertain people, but to bring them life and show them how to live a full life for God.

It is easy for a person to claim to love Jesus or to say they will follow Jesus. It is another thing to actually love Jesus and truly follow Him. A lot of people will claim to believe in Jesus, however, very few will actually obey His teachings.

Jesus set up a way to know if a person really does love Him. That way is to obey what He was teaching.

Every word that Jesus spoke was for teaching and building people up. He spoke about ways to not be and ways to be. He spoke about how to act and how to not act.

As a believer, your purpose on this life should match that of what the purpose of Jesus was–to love and obey God and to love all people. Showing love to all people will be seen in bringing the gospel message to every person.

As you go through your life, prove that you truly do love Jesus, don’t just claim to love Him. Show your love by doing what Jesus commanded. Live your life as Jesus lived His on this earth. Do you really love Jesus?

I pray today that you will know the teachings of Jesus; that God wills strengthen you to obey His commands; that you will love as Jesus loved you; and that you will obey all that Jesus commanded. 


John 13:7 Understanding Later


Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7

The night that Jesus was going to be taken captive to be crucified, He sat down with His disciples to eat the Passover meal with them. He went up to Peter and washed his feet. Peter did not understand what Jesus was doing at the time. Jesus told him that later he would understand.

Parents often have to make choices for their family or children that the children do not understand. They will tell the child to do something a certain way and the child thinks it is crazy and does not understand why it has to be done that way.

Or in the workplace, the boss will change up how something is done. The workers do not always understand at the moment, but must comply with the change.

In both cases, often later the child or worker begins to understand why it was done a certain way. With the child, it may take years before that happens, but with growth and learning, the understanding begins to come about.

Believers run into the same situation with God. God will guide them down a certain path to do a certain thing, and the person may not understand why or what is going on. God is in heaven looking down on the earth from beginning to end. He sees the whole picture of all creation and all time. God is guiding everyone to walk in His path.

In order for God to do that, there will be times He will do things that do not make sense. Only with time will a person begin to understand. Looking back at situations will open the eyes as to what was really going on and why it occurred.

There will be times God will do things in your life, that at the moment you will not understand. Some of these things you will never understand until you step into heaven. Other things you may understand at a later time, after seeing the bigger picture.

Peter had to just trust Jesus in washing his feet, so that later he may understand what had happened. You also must trust God in working in your life, so that later you may also understand what He had done and why He had done it. Allow God to be in control and trust Him.

I pray today that you will see what God is doing in your life; that God will give you understanding; and that you will trust what God is doing.

John 12:47 Not Here To Judge


“If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.” John 12:47

Jesus had been talking about His purpose for being on the earth. He now points out that if anyone does not obey His words, He will not judge them. Jesus is on the earth to save, not judge. Someone else will judge all the disobedience in the end.

When people do something wrong, it is often expected that they will be judged for what they did. There is supposed to be some type of consequence for doing the wrong thing. The world will judge someone when a person has broken a written law. If the law has not been made, there is no condemnation.

When the world looks at a lot of Christianity, all they often see is judgment. Believers are very quick to judge others and point out the sins in other people. There are many believers who will stand up and point out the sins of the world to both believers and non-believers.

Some believers will not even talk to non-believers because of a sin that was done. They will stand up and condemn non-believers for living in wrong lifestyles or disobeying God’s word. Yet, all the world is doing, is living as they are–without God or His law.

Many churches will condemn believers inside the church for not obeying God’s laws and commands. They will be quick to tell a person that he or she is not going to heaven because of some sin in their life.

Yet, Jesus did not go around condemning people. He spoke of sin, but more often, He spoke of salvation and living for God. When a person sins, Jesus does not automatically condemn them to hell. He tries to draw them back. He leaves the condemnation of disobedience to the Father for when He returns in the end.

You must be careful with your words when pointing out sins in others. Do not stand in judgment, but show God’s love, grace and mercy. Point out that Jesus came to take away those sins. Allow God to do all the condemnation when Jesus returns.

Show others how they can love and serve God, rather than condemning them. Jesus came to love and, not judge and condemn.

You are here to save, not condemn as Jesus was.

I pray today that you will know the salvation that Jesus offers; that you will show God’s love to others; that you will not condemn others, but point others to Jesus; and that many will begin to follow Jesus because of your love and words.