Matthew 2:3 Some Will Be Disturbed By The Message

When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. Matthew 2:3

Some time after Jesus was born, some Magi came to Jerusalem asking about a child that was born to be king of the Jews. King Herod and all of Jerusalem were disturbed by this question and piece of information.

King Herod was disturbed because it sounded like a threat to his position. Jerusalem was disturbed because it meant a major change in their situation. Even though they did not like the Roman government controlling them, there was peace at the time. Another king rising up may cause a disturbance and bring out the wrath of Rome upon the people.

The message of Jesus can and will be disturbing to many people. Even to this day, there are people who get upset at hearing anything about Jesus. Even when a believer speaks in love, there are some who do not want to hear it.

Following a god does not usually mean that a person has to change. Following Jesus, however, does require a change. It is no longer about the individual following, but about Jesus and what God wants. It is no longer just a once in a while event, but it is a lifestyle.

Very few people like to change and even fewer like to be told that they are doing things the wrong way. People love to be in charge of themselves and others. As a believer, one is not in charge, but allows God to be in control. The believer will also be a servant to another person, not the boss or overlord.

It should not surprise you when someone gets upset or disturbed when hearing something about Jesus. Some of those people may be a part of some other false religion, so it challenges their belief. Others may not believe in God, so it challenges them that they are in control of their own life.

As a believer, yourself, you should not be disturbed at the message or teachings of Jesus. It will mean change. It will mean you are not in control. It will mean challenging world beliefs. However, in the end it is the best way.

Jesus brings love and forgiveness. He came to give life, not take it or destroy it. He wants to build you up to be His witness in this world and change it.

I pray today that you will know the message of Jesus in your own life; that you will not be afraid of what God says; that you will speak the words of God to the world around you; and that many will come to Jesus through your message.