Have A Good Day And A Better Tomorrow

Title: Have A Good Day And A Better Tomorrow: Stories From The Good Ol’ Days
Author: Vickie Peach Wilkins
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Date: June 2016

This is a book full of true stories of father and grandfather of the author. The author states that she attempted to keep the stories exactly as they were told to her word for word. With that in mind there are times where the stories jump around a little and wander in some tangents.

The stories give an excellent look into the lives of normal people during the early to mid 1900’s. Some of the stories are very funny, doing pranks on other people, while others are very sad, surviving a tornado. It gives a great view in how things have changed over time, both in technology and needs of the people.

There is a story about how they had to live in a shed for a time, but later had a nice house. The men of the story went through many different job changes over their lifetime. The one thing that remained solid was their belief in God and in following Him with their lives.

As they went through various struggles of life, there was no complaining. They just viewed it as that is the way it is. There was no trying to keep up with others or to compare themselves to others.

I personally know the author and her immediate family very well. It gives great insight into what has made her who she is today. This is her second book she has written. The other book she has written is: “If Horses Could Talk: Tails Of Two Mustangs“.

If you enjoy history or biographies, I highly recommend this book. It is very entertaining and insightful into the life from the good ol’ days.