Family Life

After having been happily married for over 24 years, seen three children graduate into adulthood, and still have five more children to raise, I believe I have had some experiences with family life. My wife and I have had our children in public schools some, although most of their years they were homeschooled.

Throughout all of these years, there has been some great times of awesome memories, while there has been some extremely challenging times of extreme difficulties.

I would like to occasionally share some of my experiences in family life. I share some of the joys and sorrows that can come and how God helped me face them. I will share some of the fears I have had and how God strengthened me to make it through them.

My prayer is that through sharing some of these experiences you will learn to draw closer to God and be strengthened in your faith in God and His provision. I trust that your family life will grow stronger and closer together with each other and with God.