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I love to read books and have read many books over the years. At times I have had lots of time to read and quickly go through books, while at other times I have very little time to read and it takes a long time to finish one book. I have decided to add this page reviewing books that I am reading.

I bounce between novels (short and long), to study books, to biographies, autobiographies, historical and non-historical, and reference books. Some books will be current, while others may be over 100 years old (some of my favorites). Most will be Christian based, though some may not be.

This may give you a little encouragement in reading a book or not to read a book that sounded good, but really was not. As I read a book I will list the title, author, and the date it was written.

If nothing else, please, at least read the Bible everyday. Then if you have time read another book. Happy reading!

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    1. If you look on my homepage you will find on the side “categories”. Scroll down that and it will bring you to the page with all of the book reviews I have done. I don’t have an actual full list, but they will be located under that page. Thank you for reading and the follow.

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