The Paintbrush

This is an article written by my son, Kyle.

When the painting is being painted by a paint brush, the paintbrush never sees the full picture during the painting. It only sees a few colors and shapes and can make up what it will of that. To a paint brush that is on another table in God’s paint room they can see a better picture of what is being painted. Though the paintbrush may be doubtful and cautious at times. It heeds the warnings of the other paint brushes and the master artist.


But when the painting is finished being painted the paint brush is set down. Then the paintbrush can see the entirety of the painting.
How every detail, every doubt, every question, every cautious move, every patient move, every hurtful action, And every loving action. Is somehow painted together to make an Indescribable display.

I am not sure that the paintbrush will ever understand the complexity of the painting that God paints of Our Lives. But I am convinced from the little I have seen of others lives and that I see of my own life.

That God is concerned with the details, he gives us confidence, he is the answer, he is our leader, he is our strength, And truly is the ultimate definition of LOVE. God is undoubtedly a good good father.


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