Psalm 119:37 Desire Of Worthless Things

Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word. Psalm 119:37

The psalmist asks God a strange request, to turn his eyes away from worthless things. This is in a psalm that the focus is on knowing God’s Word and honoring it. What are worthless things, when looking at God’s Word?

Going through life a person can easily get distracted with things that pull them off the path they need to be on. In the workplace, two co-workers can get to talking about their past weekend adventures. This can become a worthless thing, when it distracts them from doing the work they are there to do.

While at home, people get distracted with playing games or watching TV and do not get needed work done. In a restaurant people get distracted with their phones while talking to someone at the table. Each of these things can become worthless at the time of their being done, because they do not help accomplish the current goal.

On the grand scale of eternity, many things become even more worthless. God’s Word points people on how to live for God in the best way possible. Living your best for God includes not only keeping yourself from sin, but also serving God by doing His will and serving others in this world.

It easy to get distracted by worthless things in this world. They can pull you away from spending time in God’s Word or time in prayer. They can keep you from being the witness you are supposed to be. Being a witness can be found in words and in actions, but if you are focused on self and things of this world…worthless things, you will not do what needs to be done.

As you go through this life, train your eyes to focus on what is really important and of high value. The greatest value in this world is your soul and the souls of every person on this planet. Your soul and every other person’s soul, needs to be focused on God and controlled by God, serving God.

Where are your eyes focused today?

Are they on the worthless, temporary things of this world?

Or on the eternal things of God?

I pray today that you will focus  your eyes on the things God focuses on; that you will turn your eyes from worthless things; that you will focus on God’s Word; and that God will strengthen you to keep your eyes on Him.


Psalm 119:18 Open Eyes

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18

Seeing the details in things is difficult for many people. There is often the joke of the husband not knowing the details of his wife. The wife makes a change in the way she does her hair, and the husband does not know the difference. Many men, after several years of marriage, forget the little details of their first date, such as when, where, and what they did.

Others have trained themselves to be extremely attentive to the details. They make great investigators.

The psalmist had asked God to open his eyes to see His law better. At the time of the psalmist, the Law was the Bible. It was the first five books of the Bible as it is known today.

Most people in the church can tell many of the stories of the Bible, such as that of David and Goliath, Noah, Jonah, Lazarus, and the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is great to know these stories, but there is so much more to the Bible. There are many more great things in the Bible that can be known.

When people read the Bible, many get bored with reading the books of Numbers and Chronicles. They see one as just an extremely long list of numbering people and sacrifices, and the other as a long list of genealogies. Both of which are seen as boring.

Yet, in both of these, and throughout the rest of Scripture are a lot of wonderful truths that God has put in there for you to see. The only way to see is to have your eyes opened up to see the details.

Jesus had talked about the people seeing, but not seeing. This is where you need to ask God to help you see correctly.

When you see the Bible as God wants you to see it, you will be filled with wonder and joy at what is in it. The Bible will come alive and not be some boring book that you must read. You will see God’s love and plan for you and all of mankind. You will see how God works in the lives of men and women throughout all history.

Allow God to open your eyes to His Word today and see the wonderful things in it.

I pray today that God will fill you with His Spirit to understand His Word; that God will open your eyes to see His truth; that you will find joy in God’s Word; and that you will be changed by God’s Word.

Psalm 119:11 How To Keep From Sin

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

The world does not want any person to live any different than the others. Satan and this world does not want anyone to state that there are some solid rules that they must live by. Since this is the case, both Satan and those in the world will strive to get believers to live in the same way they do, living in sin.

Living in sin, or even sinning once in a while, is going against God and His Word. It is ignoring what God has said and placing self on the throne of life.

Those who ignore God’s word live as though they are in control of their own lives. They believe that they know best on how to live life.

The majority of believers know that they are not supposed to sin and strive to not sin against God. However, every believer still struggles with sin. Many wonder why they cannot overcome a sin in their life.

The psalmist gives great insight into how to keep from sinning against God. He states that he hides God’s word in his heart to keep from sinning.

Hiding God’s Word in your heart is memorizing His word. It is not only memorizing His Word, but applying it to your life.

There are people in the world who study the Bible because of its great quality of literature, and they memorize great portions of it, but they do not believe in God and still live, purposefully in sin. They reject what the Bible says for their own lives.

Hiding God’s Word in your heart is taking it to heart and make it a part of your own life.

When you are so focused on God and His Word that you memorize and apply it to your life, you will not allow yourself to be focused on self and sin. God’s Word is alive and will give you strength and direction to turn away from sin, but you must accept it and live by it. God’s Word must be in your heart, a part of your life and blood, what keeps you going.

How do you take God’s Word? Something you must read each day.

Or is it a necessary part of your life, giving you strength to overcome sin?

I pray today that you will know God’s Word better; that you will make God’s Word a part of your life; that you will live by God’s Word; and that God will give you strength to keep from sin.

Psalm 118:6 No Fear Of Men

The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? Psalm 118:6

Fear is one of the most common feelings that people have. The range of what people fear is nearly endless. It is common to hear about how people fear things like: spiders, heights, closed spaces, bugs, and other things.

It is not so common to hear people talk about fear of other people. The only fear of people that is heard about, is fear of terrorists. In some countries, that may be a reality of actually happening. In America, the reality of getting hit by a terrorist is extremely slim, yet people fear them.

What is not talked about is the fear of what other people think or say. In that line of thought, many fear what others may think or say about them.

The Psalmist says that since God is with him, he has nothing to fear. The question he asks is what can mere mortals do to him.

Those that fear men, are fearing something that has no real basis. As a believer in the Lord Jesus, one, must take a reality look at what a person can really do.

Just like Satan, no person can do anything to you without God’s approval. The worst that a person can really do to another person is kill him, if God allows it. For those who believe in Jesus, that is actually the best thing to happen. When you die, you get to go to heaven and be with Jesus for all eternity with no suffering or pain any more.

The other things that people can do to you while on this earth can make you feel pain, both physical and emotional. Although feeling pain is hard and painful, it is not the end of the world. The pain being felt is only temporary.

You are told that God uses suffering to build you up. It can cause you to turn to God and draw closer to Him. It also allows you to show His true love to those who are against you and hate you.

Do not fear what a person may do to you. Trust God to protect you or be with you through the situation. Man cannot really do anything bad to you, God will use it all for your good and His glory.

I pray today that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will know God’s power in your life; that you will know God’s love for you; and that God will remove all fear of men in your life.

Psalm 117:1-2 Praise The Lord

Praise the LORD, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love towards us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD. Psalm 117:1-2

This psalm is very short, but the psalmist tells the people to do something and gives a great reason why to do it. He tells everyone to praise the Lord. The reason is because of His great love towards the people and His faithfulness.

There are times in a believer’s life that are very difficult. During those times it is difficult to even look at God, much less towards Him and praise Him. It is common for a person to look at the mountain of troubles in the way, rather than the God who is greater than all the troubles.

When a person begins to look at the list of problems, it is common to start complaining to God about them, rather than praise Him and trust Him to help overcome those problems.

One thing to help a person decide to praise God is to stop looking at the mountain and start praising God. In order to praise God, one needs a reason. There are many reasons for praising the Lord. The first and foremost is His love towards His people.

As God allows troubles in your life, you may wonder and question His love towards you. As that happens you must begin to think about all the good God has already done for you. Despite the problems you are still living on this earth, which is one of the greatest blessings you can have.

Think about any one sin that you have done in the past. That sin, alone, is enough to give you an eternal death sentence from God. Yet, God did not destroy you, in fact, He chose to allow you to be saved by the blood of Jesus. He provided salvation and forgiveness of sins, before you ever wanted them, instead of killing you as you deserved.

Jesus remains faithful in forgiving you of your sins. He remains faithful in taking care of you. Everything else is just icing on the cake, extra blessings not required.

With these two things in mind, how can you not help but praise the Lord?

Think about what He has done for you and then praise the Lord.

Praise the LORD!

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know what Jesus has done for you; that you will know God’s faithfulness; and that you will continually praise the Lord.

Psalm 116:15 Death Is…Good

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants. Psalm 116:15

Death is something that people love to avoid and hate to talk about. Yet death is a very well known part of life. Most people have experienced being around death at some point in their life, either directly with someone they personally know or about someone they are familiar with.

Parents get old and die. Loved ones get killed in an accident. Someone dies from a disease. People read in the news about someone getting killed or dying.

When a person dies, there is usually a funeral or memorial service to remember the life the person had lived. During this time, it is usually a sad time for most people. The sadness comes from losing someone who they cared about and loved. The closer the person was, the more painful it is.

God looks at death as something different, especially for believers. When someone who believes in Jesus dies, God finds it as a good thing to happen.

Thinking that death is a good thing, can be morbid to most people. And for most it would be something to be dreaded. The majority of the world does not believe in Jesus. Since that is the case, most of the people in this world do not have anything to look forward to when they die.

Believers, however, get to look forward to eternity in heaven. God looks at it as the ultimate healing and provision. Once you die and go to heaven, you have no more needs. You will never have pain or suffering again.

One thing that you will have is all eternity in heaven with the one who loved you and saved you from your sins. God is excited about that.

If you have a loved one who loved and served God that is dying, look at it as the best healing that they can receive. They get the greatest gift ahead of you, eternity in heave with Jesus and the Father.

Do not fear death, but look at it as a step into eternity with God. Remain faithful to God and He will remain faithful to you and save you. You will step into heaven someday. Look forward to that day.

Rejoice when you see a believer step into heaven. Rejoice as you see your day approaching to step into heaven. Do not fear it or mourn it.

I pray today that you will know the love God has for you; that God will remove all fear of death; that God will reveal what He has in store for you; and that you find joy in believers stepping into heaven.

Psalm 115:1 For God’s Glory, Not Ours

Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1

All over the world buildings, parks, ships, and many other things are named in honor of someone.  Some of these people did things to be seen by others. They want their name to be known and honored. They want the glory that comes with honor being given them.

People love to be honored. They want to be recognized for what they have accomplished. They want their hard work recognized and talked about. They want to see their names in the lights and headlines.

Take a look at all the movie stars and musical pop stars. They strive to get the glory of being the best in their field. They want all the glory that comes with being the best.

Even in the church, the desire for glory and honor shows up. When a person does some hard work for the church, he often wants to be recognized for that hard work. If no one says anything, people are often depressed and angry about not getting the desired recognition.

The psalmist is stating that he should not receive any of the glory at all, but that God is to receive all the glory.

It was once said that a believer must hold a mirror up in front of himself. When someone gives praise and glory to him for something done, he should let the mirror shine that praise and glory up to God, to whom it belongs. If persecution or bad words are said to the person, he should also shine that up to God, and let Him deal with it.

The reason God is to receive the glory is because of His love and faithfulness. God loved us first and has always been faithful.

You would not be where you are today, if God did not love you. Jesus loved you as you placed Him on the cross. He took the nails through His hands for you, while you hated Him.

Do not take the glory for yourself. Jesus deserves all the glory. Give God all the glory for everything good in your life. Give God the glory for all the good things you have received.

I pray today that you will give all the glory to God; that you will know God’s love and faithfulness in your life; that you will not seek your own glory; and that you will do everything you do for the glory of God.