Job 28:20 Wisdom And Understanding (Part 1)

Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? Job 28:20

The author of Job starts out this chapter talking about how man can dig down into the earth and discover many different things that animals will never find. Two things cannot be found by looking for them: wisdom and understanding. Neither of these can be bought, so the question is where do they dwell? How can a person find these things?

It has been said that understanding is knowing about something, and wisdom is knowing the best way to use that understanding or knowledge that one has.

In most places in the world, people look for understanding through schooling. They go to others for information to have a better understanding on some subject. Teachers can give a lot of information about a subject, but at times that information will just go over the head of the student. Understanding the subject comes from somewhere else, besides just words from a teacher or a textbook.

Thousands of people go to college, get their degree, but cannot properly utilize what they have learned in the real world. Their information is just book knowledge. They still do not have wisdom.

In other parts of the world, people look into self-meditation to find wisdom. It is believed to be void of all feelings and study the teachings of others will bring about great wisdom.

While these things can give some insight into various subjects, there is a level of understanding and wisdom that is missed. Everything being learned is what is coming from another person. Every person is limited in his knowledge and wisdom.

People are finite. They are confined to one place, at one time, in a extremely brief period in history. In light of the entire history of the world, even someone who lives to be one hundred years old, has only been around for a short amount of time.

With this in mind, man’s information is very limited. His wisdom and understanding is very faulty at best.

True understanding and wisdom must come from somewhere else. It has to come from God. He is the only one who has been around for all eternity and knows everything perfectly.

Seek understanding and wisdom from God. Go to God to get what you need and are searching for. It will not be faulty.

I pray today that you will know God personally; that you will seek wisdom and understanding from God; and that you will not allow yourself to be led astray with faulty wisdom of this world.


Job 27:11 Teaching About God

I will teach you about the power of God; the ways of the Almighty I will not conceal. Job 27:11

Job is maintaining that he has not done anything wrong that is causing all of the suffering he is going through. He refuses to agree with his friends that he guilty of some great sin in his life. Although he does not agree with them, he is still willing to teach them what he knows about the power and ways of God.

If a person looks online, he can find thousands of people willing to teach about whatever subject he is interested in. It does not matter what it is about, whether, cooking something, making something, dealing with someone, relationships, or politics, there is always someone who has an opinion about it and willing to teach what is known.

The reality is that most people only have very little to no experience in some fields that they are willing to talk about and teach. Look at how people talk about how a politician should do something. Many have not really looked into all of the aspects of an issue before giving their own teaching on the subject. The important thing is that they are willing to talk about what they do know. They are willing to share the knowledge they do have, whether good or bad.

As a believer, you may not know everything about God. There is no way you can know all about the power and ways of God. You do know what you have experienced in your own personal life with God’s power and ways of working.

It is these things that you are to be a witness about. You have to be willing to teach others about what you know about God.

Many believers feel that what they know about God is a private affair and not to be shared. It is their own personal belief that they do not want to “push” on others. They are trying to be politically correct.

When Jesus left the earth, He told the disciples to go and preach all that they have been taught by Him. You are to do the same thing. Do not stop teaching others about God. Some will listen, while some will reject it. It is not up to you to decide who will do what, share with everyone and give them a chance to accept it.

I pray today that you tell others about Jesus; that you will see God’s power in your life; that you will know God’s ways for your life; and that you will not fear what others think or do.

Job 26:14 God’s Awesome Power

And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him! Who then can understand the thunder of his power? Job 26:14

Job describes some of God’s mighty power and the works of His hands. Telling how God suspends the earth in space, raises storms on the sea, hangs the clouds of water in the air, and other great works. These are just the edges of God’s awesome power. Job realizes that no one can fully understand His power.

The world looks at the natural things of this world as just things that happen. They try to explain how things happen by natural means, without any external controller. Science explains why there are storms on the earth, and how gravity keeps the earth in place in space. There is no room for belief in God, because all is natural, not supernatural.

Believers, however, know that it is God who has done these great things. It is by His great power that the earth and moon were created. It is by His great power that storms start and stop.

As a believer keeps in mind that God does all these things, he also remembers that this is just the beginning of His awesome power.

The part that many believers forget is that since God is so powerful, He is also in control of things when they seem to be out of control. This is those times of trouble and suffering. In reality no one can fully understand how God can be in control of everything when everything appears to be going wrong.

The question is often asked of why does God allow all the bad things to occur when He is supposed to be in control?

How can God be in control when things are going bad?

This is where you, as a believer, must trust God’s awesome power. You are not able to understand His power and abilities, other than God can do everything. God’s way of doing things is above your ways and thinking.

If God is great enough to hold all of the things on this earth and in space in place, do you not think that He is in control of the things in your life?

God’s power is awesome, so you must trust Him in every situation in your life.

I pray today that you will see the power of God; that you will know God is in control; that you will trust in God’s abilities; and that you will praise God in His power.

Job 24:22-23 God Is Watching

But God drags away the mighty by his power; though they have become established, they have no assurance of life. He may let them rest in a feeling of security, but his eyes are on their ways. Job 24:22-23

Job talks about how the wicked people of the world tear down others and are corrupt in their ways. The people are seen to be successful and God seems to be looking the other way. Job says that God may allow them live for a while in a feeling of security and success, but He is watching all of their actions.

The view that Job had about people of the world is very common. Looking around, people of the world, living in and promoting sin, seem to be very successful and that God does not seem to care. Sin always seems to be getting more and more prevalent and acceptable.

There are times when it feels as though the church is being overcome by those in the world. Sinful acts appear to be becoming more acceptable by those who claim a belief in Jesus. Again, it appears as if God is not aware of what is happening.

The truth of it is that God is watching. He is allowing the devil, the ruler of this world, to have a time of success. Fallen man will follow the devil in his ways. God is keeping a record of everything that is happening.

When Jesus came to this earth, He did not come to condemn, but to save the world. Even to this day, His purpose is to save the world. As this is occurring, it may appear that the sinful man is in control and that God is not really watching or concerned.

On the day Jesus returns to the earth He will judge each person for his actions. The only way to not be judged for wrong actions, is to have them removed. Accepting the price Jesus paid for your sins and seeking His forgiveness is the only way to have them removed.

When you no longer have those sins on your record, God will no longer judge you and condemn you.

Rest assured that your sins are forgiven in Jesus. Also rest assured that God will judge those who do not follow Jesus. Seek to bring all to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Do not fear what the world is doing, God is watching and in control.

I pray today that you will have the peace of God in your life; that you will not fear sinful man; that you will be a witness for Jesus; and that you will trust God with your life.

Job 23:12 Better Than Food

I have not departed from the command of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread. Job 23:12

As Job is going through a lot of suffering, he does not understand why it is happening. He is willing to state his case before God of his innocence of any wrong doing. In his heart, Job knows that he follows all of God’s commands. He desires God’s Word more than food.

Eating food is something most people like to do. Many will even eat much more than they need too, because they love eating the food so much.

Look at the many different restaurants that have all you can eat buffets. Those places are constantly filled with people stuffing themselves. There are restaurants that are now open twenty-four hours a day, because there is always someone ready to eat something around the clock.

What people desire to eat is different for each person. Some like junk food, such as chips and candy. Others love fast food. Others just like deserts. While others attempt to eat healthy meals, just a lot. The desire to eat is great.

While the need to eat food is important, the need to eat of God’s Word is more important. Job knew the value of God’s Word in his life. He desired to have His Word more than the food that is only here today and gone tomorrow.

Jesus told the disciples that His food is to do the will of the Father. The will of the Father (God) is doing what He says to do, following His Word.

Most believers do not even read the Bible at all, except on Sunday when in church. They do not study or memorize any verses from day-to-day. They do not have a hunger for God’s Word. They do not treasure the greatest book in all of creation.

You need to ask God to give you a desire to know His Word and to apply it to your life. As you read the Bible more and  more, you will also learn to love it and desire it more and more. You will not want to go one day without feeding on His Word.

What do you treasure more?


Or God’s Word?

I pray today that you will have a desire to know God’s Word; that you will read the Bible daily; that you will apply God’s Words to your life; and that you will be willing to forsake all else for knowing His Word for your life.

Job 22:21 False Sense Of Prosperity

Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. Job 22:21

Eliphaz stated that Job had closed hand to those who were poor. He felt that Job did not listen to God’s instructions which had brought about the destruction he was experiencing. Job is told to submit to all of God’s instructions. In doing this he would then experience prosperity and good things.

It is common for a lot of people to talk about a belief in God. Watch many shows on television where people are winning a great, hard-earned award, and many will say something about God. When things are going good, most people have no problem believing that God is helping and blessing them.

Over the years there have been many in the church who believe that when a person serves God, he will be blessed with great prosperity. This brings on a false sense of what being a believer in Jesus means.

Many have come to a belief in Jesus believing that everything will then go smoothly with no difficulties or problems in life. Then, later in life, when things get difficult and problems arise in their life, they fall away confused, because everything was supposed to go perfectly for them.

Submission to God will bring about peace, but it is peace with Him, not necessarily peace with this world.  It will also bring prosperity to your life, but it is not prosperity as the world sees it. It does not mean that everything will automatically go the way you think it should go. It will not be without difficulties in your life.

Prosperity with God is that your soul will be built up and you will be made more like Jesus everyday. You will be rich in the things of God–love, joy, patience, kindness, and other areas.

Job had been submitting his life to God, yet he was going through some extremely difficult times. The troubles that he was going through was to prove him. It was showing the devil that Job would serve God regardless of what was happening in his life. His soul was being prosperous, even though physically he was being broken and poor.

Are you submitting your life to God?

What are you expecting in that submission? Physical or spiritual prosperity?

I pray today that you will submit your life to God’s ways; that you will trust God’s direction for your life; that you will know all the blessings God has blessed you with; and that you will praise God in your troubles.


Job 21:22 God’s Judgement

“Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since he judges even the highest?” Job 21:22

Job gives a great description on how the wicked live their lives. They appear to live in wealth and abundance of life, while ignoring God, yet all will still die. He points out how one person lives a full life, secure and at ease, while another lives in bitterness and suffering his entire life, but both still die and are buried in the ground. God is the one who decides how each person’s life will go.

The age-old question of believers has been asked over and over again as to why one person has an “easy” life, while another person suffers his entire life. People question why God allows these things to happen.

As people ask these questions, many will try to teach God something. They will try to point out wrongs being done by God. Often they feel that if they can just reason with God, that maybe God would see their argument and change the situation.

When Job states that God judges even the highest, he is stating that God is in control of every person’s life. He is the one who allows a person to have a “successful” life or one of “suffering” and pain.

Although those in the world, that do not follow Jesus, appear to be have a great life, they are living without any long-term hope. Their hope is only in the here and now, not in the future. They may not be paying a price for their sins now, but in the end God will have the final judgement on their lives and actions.

Believers are not to question how or why God allows what He allows. They are to trust His judgement. God will always judge fairly with every person, whether they serve Him or not. How a person lives will not change how God judges them.

The difference is that as a believer in Jesus, you have been forgiven of any wrongs you have done. The judgement is still the same–death. You do not have to die because Jesus paid that price for you.

Those who do not follow Jesus, will have to pay the price themselves in the end.

Trust God’s judgement in your life and in this world. He knows what is best for every person.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know the price Jesus paid for you; that you will trust in God’s judgement; and that you will know the abundant life Jesus is giving you.