Numbers 22:18 Doing Only What God Says

“But Balaam answered them, Even if Balak gave me all the silver and gold in his palace, I could not do anything great or small to go beyond the command of the LORD my God.” Numbers 22:18

As the Israelites were traveling along, they came to the country of Moab. Word had already made it to the Balak the king of Moab that the Israelites were powerful and had already destroyed several nations. He did not want to be destroyed so he sent some men to Balaam to ask him to curse the Israelites. At first Balaam refused to go with the men. He stated that even if he was given all the gold of the king, he could only do or say what God commanded him to do or say.

People in this world will try to get you to do things that are not in God’s will. They will come and offer all kinds of great gifts to get you to do those things. Those gifts can be money, gifts, positions, titles, or some other type of gift. The gift is whatever it will take to get you to do what they want.

Believers need to stand like Balaam started to stand. He refused to do anything that God did not want him to do. He did not allow the glitter of gold to sway him into doing what was wrong or against God’s desire.

Most likely you will never be asked to go up and curse a group of people, but there will be other things the world will try to get you to do. The temptations to play a little with sin, or to look the other way when seeing sin happening in other believers, or speaking against others.

Before those events occur, you must have already made up your mind that you will only do what God wants. Know what God wants of you in advance so that you will be ready when the enemy tries to sway you down the wrong path.

What are you willing to do or not do?

Whose command will you follow today?

I pray today that you will stand strong against sinning against God; that you will not speak against God’s people in the wrong way; that you will only follow God’s commands; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.


Numbers 20:12 Trust God Or Lose Out

“But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.” Numbers 20:12

As the Israelites were traveling through the Desert of Zin, they had run out of water. They started complaining very loudly against Moses and wanted to go back to Egypt. Moses brings these complaints before God, who tells him to speak to the rock and water would come out of it.

Instead of speaking, Moses, in his anger, strikes the rock with his staff. God was not pleased with him. At that point God tells Moses that he will not be allowed to enter the land He is giving the Israelites. The reason why is that Moses did not honor God with following His instructions and trusting Him.

God’s ways are above the ways of man. He has power and capabilities that are far above anything that any person can possibly imagine. Since God is this powerful, there are times that He will have a person do something that does not make sense. Since when does water come out of a rock when you speak to it? It is even rare to see water come out of a rock when you strike it. Yet speaking to the rock is what God wanted.

If you are listening and following God, there will come a day when He asks you to do something that is not normal, or that does not make sense. At that point, following God may look a little like committing suicide, yet it is important to trust Him.

When you turn away from trusting God and doing what He says, you may lose out on what He has in store for you. God has a plan that is greater than anything you can imagine, if you will just trust Him.

Not trusting God may cause you to miss out on something great in this life, and may even cause you to miss out the eternal life with Him.

How much do you trust God today?

Will you be allowed into the new land?

Or will you have to miss out on that new land?

I pray today that you will hear what God wants you to do; that you will trust in God’s direction; that you will obey God’s leading; and that you will honor God with your whole life.

Numbers 18:5 Responsible For God’s Sanctuary

“You are to be responsible for the care of the sanctuary and the altar, so that my wrath will not fall on the Israelites again.” Numbers 18:5

The Levites were set apart to care for the sanctuary and altar. They were the only ones who could go before God to offer up the required sacrifices. During the Old Testament times, God would not just anyone to stand before Him. This was a great responsibility for the Levites, because what they did would be to prevent God destroying the rest of the Israelites.

When Jesus had died on the cross the veil that separated the people from God was ripped in two. The way was opened up for people to come directly before God. No longer does a person have to go to a Levite or some other priest in order to get to God.

Believers today are called priests. This makes you responsible for the sanctuary and the altar.

The apostle Paul also calls all believers “the temple of God”. The temple is the new testament sanctuary. It is where people meet with God. It is where God lives in a person.

Too often many people neglect this sanctuary. They stop praying and worshipping God. They allow sin to come in and defile it. They let the altar to fall in disrepair. They forget to offer the sacrifices of praise to God. They do not intercede for others.

Since you are a priest and you are also the temple, you are responsible for that sanctuary. Taking care of the sanctuary means keeping it clean and holy, ensuring the right sacrifices are offered at the right times, standing before God, ministering to God, and interceding for others.

You must care for God’s sanctuary. Jesus has called you to be a light and a witness in this world. Allow God to clean up your sanctuary and maintain it correctly.

Daily take a broom and sweep out the dust in your sanctuary. Keep the oil of the Holy Spirit burning in the lampstand of your sanctuary. Be responsible for His sanctuary in you.

In this way, you may prevent God’s wrath from coming down upon those around you. You will be a witness of God’s love and salvation He provides to every person.

I pray today that you will allow your life to be a sanctuary for God to dwell in; that you will allow God to cleanse your life from all sin; that you will intercede to God for others; and that you will offer the sacrifices of prayer and praise to God.

Numbers 15:39 Reminders

“You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the LORD, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.” Numbers 15:39

God had given the Israelites some instructions about their clothing. One of the things they had to do was hang tassels with a blue cord off the corners of their garments. The whole purpose of these tassels was to remind the people of His commands to them. As they remembered His commands, it was to keep them from sinning. Their focus was to be on the commands of God at all times.

In life it is very easy to get distracted and begin to sin. People will start to follow things or ways of this world that does not fall in line with God’s commands. Most of the time these changes come in very subtly, barely noticeable at first, until the person is fully won over. Other times it is a bold change of direction that comes quickly in the heat of a moment.

Satan and the world want you to forget about what God has said. Although today you are no longer living under the law, there are many commands that God has given that still need to be followed.

Most people forget things very quickly. They might remember them in the back of their mind if they stop to think about it, but that does not usually happen.

Just as God wanted the Israelites to have a reminder about His commands, you must also keep a reminder in your life. It can be different for each person. Taping note cards in various places you will see with verses on them; keeping worship music playing always; wearing a Christian hat or shirt; or wear a button or some other item with a reminder. Find a way that will work for you.

Do not allow yourself to lose focus on what God wants of you. Remind yourself daily and throughout each day of His commands to you. Do not allow yourself to fall into sin because you forgot His commands.

I pray today that God will help you remember His ways; that you will not walk away from God in any area of your life; that your eyes will always be on Jesus; and that you will be the light of Jesus in this world.

Numbers 14:38 Will You Survive?

“Of the men who went to explore the land, only Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh survived.” Numbers 14:38

Moses had sent twelve men in to the land of Canaan to spy it out. They were to look it over and map it out so that the Israelites would be ready to take it over when they went in. Ten of those men stated that it was a great land but that they would not be able to conquer it. They discouraged the rest of the Israelites from going in as God wanted them to do.

Two of those men knew that with God’s help they could take over the land. Those two were Caleb and Joshua. God struck the rest of those men with a plague that killed them. Only Caleb and Joshua survived.

Through the Bible God has given each person a vision of what heaven is like and who He is. It shows that He is the ruler over every one and every thing. When you read the end of the book it shows that He will win and whoever is with Him will win.

There are many people who state that they believe in Jesus. Jesus had said that many would say they knew Him, but that He did not know them. When it comes to the end time when Jesus returns, He said He would reject many because they did not obey Him. Knowing Jesus is to love Him. To love Jesus is to obey Him.

The apostle Paul said that you are to run the race as to finish it. Believing that you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you must continue in your walk with Him. Do not be afraid to go forward and conquer the land before you.

That land is the life God has given you. It starts with your own personal life. Be the master over sin and death in your life. Then take back the community of people around you for God. Be His witness and do not allow the enemy, Satan, to gain or keep any one person.

Do not be afraid of what this world can do to you. In the end you will win.

Will you be one of the few who survive? “Many will be called, but few are chosen.”

I pray today that God will give you a vision of the land you are to conquer; that God will give you strength to conquer that land; that God will remove all fear of the enemy; and that you will survive to the end.

Numbers 14:29 The Heavy Price Of Complaining

“In this wilderness your bodies will fall–every one of you twenty years old or more who was counted in the census and who has grumbled against me.” Numbers 14:29

Moses had sent twelve spies into the land of Canaan to spy it out. They came back with a great report of bountiful crops, flowing waters, and plenty of land, but they also feared the people of the land. All, except two, said they could not take the land. They got the people to believe that it would be unwise to take the land.

At that point the people complained that God brought them up out of Egypt only to let them be killed in Canaan. Since they grumbled to God about what He was doing, God decided to destroy them. After Moses intervened, God chose to let them wander in the wilderness till the people over the age of twenty had died. None of the adults present would get to step into the land of Canaan.

People love to grumble and complain. There are some people who love it so much, that no matter how good something is, they will find something to complain about it. These people are pessimist. They love to see the negative side of everything, and will let everyone know it.

When there is a challenge in front of you on the path God has called you to, you must be willing to face it. As you face that challenge, you must remember that it was God who put you in that position. Since it was God who put you there, He is the one who will get you through that situation.

Complaining and grumbling will discourage yourself and others. It also shows a lack of trust in God. God is in absolute control of every event that occurs in your life. There is nothing great or small that happens that God is not aware of or does not allow to happen.

You must be willing to trust that God is in control. Don’t complain. It won’t do any good. God may listen to your complaining and put you on another path that will cause you to miss what you had coming.

Do not miss the Canaan land God is trying to bring you into because you chose to complain against God. Trust God and go forward in His strength.

I pray today that you will trust God’s leading; that you will not complain about the path you are on; and that you will allow God to lead you into your Canaan land as a victorious believer in Jesus.

Numbers 11:23 Is The Lord’s Arm Too Short?

“The LORD answered Moses, Is the LORD’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” Numbers 11:23

The Israelites had been complaining about eating just manna everyday. They wanted to go back to Egypt to eat the other foods there. Moses goes to God about their problem and He says that He will provide meat for them in the morning. They are in a desert and so Moses was dumbfounded and asked if that was even possible if all of the flocks and herds were killed and all the fish in the sea were caught. God asks him if His arm is too short to make it happen.

Physically people’s arms are short. Most can only reach out two to maybe three feet. This shows that their abilities are severely limited. Their sphere of influence may reach a little further, depending on who they know and their connections.

God, however, has made the universe and everything in it, which includes this earth. He holds the earth in His hands. With that in mind, there is nothing God cannot reach out and get, if He needs it.

Throughout the Bible there are many promises that God has given. Many of these promises can be claimed by believers today. Along with those promises, you may have received a word of promise from God in your own prayer life, or through another believer.

One of the biggest promises Jesus made, that many people often forget, is that He promised to be with you and provide for all of your needs. When life gets difficult and the provisions seem to be lacking, many people start to question whether God can provide.

With the Israelites in the desert, during the night God had a strong wind blow bringing in quail that completely covered the ground. There was more than enough food. God did not use the normal way of provision, it was a miraculous method.

You may not see right now how God will provide for you. All you need to do is trust God in His words and do what He says, let Him figure the problem out and solve it for you. God’s arm is not too short. There is nothing He cannot reach to meet your needs today and everyday.

I pray today that you will see the power of God; that you will know God’s abilities to provide for you; that you will trust in God’s faithfulness to His promises; that you will wait for God’s answer; and that you will give God glory for all that you have.